How do I get my ex back?

Okay here's the thing me and my ex really loved each other and I broke up with me several times and he would always come back to me and the last time we broke up he tried to get back with me but I avoided him and now I want him back I told him but he said no I literally poured out my heart to him.

I don't blame him but the thing is when randomly talks to me when he misses me and asks my friends about me, so I'm guessing he still cares but he said to me he can't get back with me he wants to have fun he's still young he doesn't wanna be tied down but he recently said he's looking for a wifey :S confusing.

I know he still loves me but probably hates me for what I was like but now I realized how much he means to me and want him back so can any guys tell me how to get a guy back.


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  • ok look, a relationship isn't supposed to be date, break up, date, break up, date...thats not how it works...youve laid the law down, youve shown him by saying you don't want to get back together that you don't want to play these games...

    you make it seem like he wants you back, sit down and talk to him...really talk to him about what you are looking for ina relationship and that you won't be broken up with again and then get back together and if he's lucky enough for you to let him back in your life that if he ends up being stupid and leaving again then its for good

    before you do that tho, ask yoruself WHY you want ot be back in this relationship...what caused the break up(s), why did you break up so many times and get back togehter, it seems you're putting a band aid on the problem and not stiching it up...youve got to find the underlying problem and FIX it, PERMANENTLY(stiching) not TEMPORARY(band aid)

    also remember you guys will be going to college (whenever you graduate) and it may be even harder for you guys for a long distance relationship (unless you guys go local)...youre young, you shouldnt plan your life right now you have so much to learn and figure out...who knows maybe you guys date...take a break during college and explore other people and stuff and then realize hey you're it for me, no one else gives me that feeling that you do...but youve got to get out there and live kiddo..really think about this right now, THINK THINK THINK, take ur time, take'll come to you

    hope this helps, GL

    • Lool thanx for the adivice mate you know what your right am too young I got my whole life ahead of me and next year am graduating to go university and I am going to move far away and there's soo many things I need to give up just to be with him or it can be the other way round your right I don't want him back anymore I thought I missed him but I just miss being in a relationship I'm just going to take me time till I find someone serious and can handle and relationship Cheers mate. :D

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  • Why are you guys playing this childish game of breaking up and getting back so often? There seems to be some compatibilityissue or personal issue here. Try to sort those out first.

    • Yeah that's before now I'm more mature but he's never broken up with me and how can I sort it out when I don't even talk to him because I don't want to look desparate or anouy him and besides we've been apart for a year and a half now and if I still like him it must mean something and I'm very sure he still likes me :(

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    • Wat do you mean by that babe?

    • Meaning, past hurts etc. can be forgotten over time and it may be possible to get back together.

  • I have no clue what the hell you just said, sorry. I heard you f***ed several times and broke up each time. I'm kidding of course.

    But I'm not sure if that was, ..."I broke up with [him]" or "[he] broke up with me" Or you meant to say, "Everytime I broke up with him or he broke up with me..."

    But, it sounds like he's figured out what a pain in the ass you are. He wants some PUSSY at first, so he says, "I don't want to be held down." Then he starts missing the perks of a relationship and says, "I WANT A WIFEY." However he wants to put it, he doesn't want you back. If he wanted you back he would of taken you back along ago. It's like your period, if it's abnormal, something must be wrong.

    Here you figured out that something was wrong, but not knowing what. From my perspective as a guy, and two balls... actually f*** it, I'm sorry, your both confused. Don't bother with the head ache of trying to get with him. Leave him alone and find better. Your not made for each other. At all.

    • Loool cheers mate I kinda realised that now I guess we are not made for each other and if we are one day we will be together which ain't going to happen

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  • ok I say just keep on doing you and have fun with your life you only have one life to live. He'll come around when the time is right. Its a saying that says if you love something you have to let it go and if it comes back then it means so much more. But I just go by this saying love is like holding a handful of sand if you hold it too tight the sand will slip through your fingers if you hold it with a open had it stays there. So all I can say is do what is best for you!

    • Thank you for the advice you are right I should move on with my life and try foget about him yes it is hard but in the end it will all be worth it :)

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