Why did he break up with me?

There is this guy whom I've liked for a long time, and he's liked me for a long time as well. Everyone always thought we would make a good couple. We flirted a lot and hung out and basically acted like a couple. A week ago he finally asked me out. But then he kinda stopped doing everything he used to. I would try to get him to come over and he wouldn't. He didn't flirt anymore. And yet he hung out with his older crush a lot. And then yesterday he took me away and started his sentence out as ,"You and I are such good 'buddies'" then I realized what he meant and he broke up with me. The thing is I actually liked him a whole lot, a lot more than any other boyfriends. And I'm worried I did something wrong. My friends say he broke up with me either because he only likes the chase, others said he thought we were just too friendly, and some said he just liked the other girl more. So anyways right now I'm pretty sad and I just want to figure out why. Should I just flat out ask him why?
He immediately started flirted with the other girl as soon as he broke up with me. So I guess he just found someone better.


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  • I think your friends are right cause you're beautiful so your looks can't be a reason


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  • You went out and he didn't feel anything so he ended it. It happens


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