I miss when he didn't take years to reply?

We used to talk everyday, all the time.
We broke up because the distance wasn't working, but decided to say friends.
Now he takes hours to reply and doesn't want to talk to me. I miss when he actually wanted to talk!

Anyway way to make him more interested in talking to me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Unfortunately if he isn't interested in talking to you right now, the only thing you should do is stop messaging him. It will show him that you're independent and you're not going to run after him... He'll start to think you don't care about him anymore and although you might care about him so much and really want to talk to him again, you've got to do this.. Because you're better than to just keep giving your time and care for someone who isn't prepared to equally give you theirs. After doing that he might start to realize that you aren't just waiting for him to come back to you anymore and he actually might lose you for ever, at which point he'll start to miss you and then might be prepared to give you more time and will send you a message.


What Girls Said 2

  • This happened with me and my ex. Just let him go. He's trying to move on. You should too.

  • guys brains are weird. they're not like us. We desire talking to the people we love, and we talk instantly... we don't like to make them wait.
    They, on the other hand, will prioritize what is in front of them. They will forget you and your importance once you're out of sight. And, you're just not that important... even if you are close to him distance vise, he will not be as responsive just because he's used to you now... and it's not as interesting.


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