Just don't understand my ex's behaviour?

just don't understand my ex's behaviour?


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  • Tiny text... hurts eyes to read...

    • so, me and my ex dated for a few months, it was great, then he was acting all flaky with me and asked him flat out straight what was wrong and he told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship and asked if we could remain friends.
      I said we could, but then decided that i couldn't a couple of weeks later as i still had feelings for him, and needed some space, and that part of my recovery process was unfriending him on all my social media and and told him when i was ready to be his friend, i would re-add him , so few weeks go by and i sent him a request on facebook and thought the request wasn't sent properly, so i sent him another one, he obviously didn't accept it, so i thought to myself ok he doesn't want to be my friend and doesn't want anything to do with me, as you do you get on with your life.

    • Then three weeks later, without any contact or anything from him, he decides to pop up from no where and visits my online profile, you can tell who visits your profile on this site, and this is how we first met and we are both matched together on the site, anyway i thought once or twice was no big deal but he's visited my profile almost everysingle day.
      i asked him what was up, but he didn't reply, but know he read my message, and haven't messaged him again since then, but he still continues to visit my profile and this has being going on for the past 2 weeks, it's really has confused me , i just don't understand his behaviour.

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