Can you force yourself to stop thinking about someone?

Okay so I was seeing this guy a couple months ago who got a new job and disappeared on me. We only hung out for a less than two months. We were intimate which I know always makes these things harder for girls, which is why I usually refrain from that. Either way, I am STILL thinking about him a decent amount. Maybe because I had no closure... Also, I hang out with a lot of people that know him and talk about him sometimes and he has come into my work since and I always wonder if he will again.
In a way I still want to run into him, apparently he asked his friend for advice after he disappeared and his friend said he couldn't do anything because he already screwed up, so now I know he didn't really want to stop talking so that is even less closure. It sucks! I believe I should not be thinking about someone for longer than we hung out for. Is there a way to force your mind to stop thinking about someone? Or do I have to just wait until I meet someone new?


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  • Or seeing as he felt like he screwed up and really wanted to continue to talk to you, why not reach out to him?

    • I don't have his number any longer though. I wouldn't even know what to say or do. I am trying to go to places he goes and try to run into him, since I found out he didn't want to disappear on me I am not angry about that anymore, so if I saw him I would say hi and be nice and maybe he will know it is okay. Otherwise I worry he might be seeing someone or has totally forgotten about me by now or not respond. So, basically a huge fear of rejection. It has been two months since I talked to him last so I feel like it would be weird now.

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  • You're clearly not over him. Follow your feelings and go after him.

    • I am not that upset about it anymore. I think since he was the last person I was with that is who I am thinking about when I think about dating. If I met someone new It think this guy would be instantly out of my head. I just can't stop though, because we have mutual friends I hear about him and his work is on my way home so I see his car there, etc. I can't get away from it!

  • No. .


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