Had sex with my ex?

We broke up two weeks ago and it wasn't a bad break up as far as those go. We mostly argued/avoided each other the week up to it and when he ended it we joked around like normal afterwards. He kept checking on me after and I cut him out for like a week and it freaked him out. We've acted like good friends again the last few days over text and tonight just kind of happened. Already had plans to hang out before this. It is mostly my fault that it even led to that. The sex was amazing. He grabbed my hand at one point and afterwards was super affectionate and we talked for a little bit about random things. I ended up kicking him out because I work tomorrow. He talked about giving me my stuff back tonight so there is that. Was this a really bad idea or could it be good too?


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  • He's not your ex.

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    • What happens, happens. I obviously still care about him but I'm just going on the assumption that it is over.

    • I mean he is your ex and you need to realize that. I think you know in your head that you are fucking up but you just want people to say it's okay so you can brush it off. You said you still care about him.. that is exactly why you can't be having sex with him or talking to him. You guys can be friends possibly later on but you will never move on if you just keep toying with him. When I break up with a girl I look at her as a stranger.. Do I tell strangers about my personal life or have sex with them? You're just leading yourself into a toxic situation. Drop him completley and move on or get back together. Don't be stagnant at a crossroads like an indecisive unassured chick. Make a move and stick with it.

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  • Just because Two people Break up doesn't mean they Can't and Don't Make up and tha tit's good-bye, my love forever.
    And with Two "Exes" who still Mark an X in each other's Softie Spot here, dear, thee could come a time down the Love Line When... The sex was amazing.
    You both still have Feelings and Some Sort of good Repore in what "Relationship" you have Agreed to Agree on. He seems to be Comfy and Cozy with some sparks from the past and if even "Friends with Benefits" works for you both, then you decide if you want to Continue the Ride.
    However, he is Talking about 'Giving my stuff back tonite so there is That,' and with That... It also appears he doesn't want to be in a Real Relationship right now but is Okay with what you both are In Today.
    It's a 'Good Idea' that if you can Agree to just Agree with being Together with not a Feather attached at the moment, but 'A really Bad Idea' if it goes on with nothing Anymore like Before with you both Nesting as One.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Hooking up after a breakup is never a good idea unless you're looking to patch up again

  • No. It was a pretty bad idea. You never sleep with an ex


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