My ex coming to pick up her things. Girls, what would you suggest?

Alright so, as mentioned my ex girlfriend is coming to my place to pick up some of her mom's things she left me and some of her things she left behind when she'd visit. Things ended kind of weird, but it is expressed on both ends that there are still thoughts of each other and emotions and she tells a friend she still cares about me and wants to keep in touch, even though she broke up with me. For starters, what the hell's up with that? Any girl that can explain that logic? And well, the main thing was, so she is coming to get the stuff, and we know how we feel about each other, but are both stubborn idiots who delayed this as long as it could. We are seeing each other face to face, and I thought rather than some big dinner surprise "take me back" attempt, I would play our song:

As I reach for her hand slowly and intimately direct my gaze into hers. And see what proceeds... women, what are the possibilities of something good coming out of this? Suggestions?


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  • I know you have good intentions, but... don't do that. It likely will not go the way you think it will. @meowcow is right in that she might care about you, but wanting to be in a relationship and seeing a future with you can be a different story. You do need to know why she broke up with you, if you're still interested in having her back. A song won't fix things.

    The only way to move forward is to figure out what the issue was and address it with her, or move on if it's not possible. So, rather than playing a song, maybe a discussion would be more fruitful. Good luck, and hope it works out, one way or another.


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  • That just sounds corny and stupid.

    You haven't actually figured out why she broke up with you. Until you figure this out, playing a stupid song isn't going to get her back. Caring for you does not equate to wanting you in a relationship. She may have determined that you are a number of things that she doesn't want in a man. That doesn't mean she hates you. It just means she sees no future with you, which is the reason she broke up with you.

    Think about it...

    If she broke up with you because you were (any of the following):
    - Too imature
    - Lazy, unmotivated, no ambition
    - Play too much video games
    - No job, no money
    - Doesn't like certain personality issues you have

    Would playing a song convince her to come back? She'd only realize her mistake a couple days later when she is reminded of the reason she left... and leave again.

    • " Caring for you does not equate to wanting you in a relationship." is the only useful thing you said. So, thank you for that. You humans are so unusually complicated to figure out.

    • I would have thought the statement, "You haven't actually figured out why she broke up with you." was more important.

    • Yeah, no. That's irrelevant.

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  • Hey Jesus Christ play the violins and the melodrama. Don't even be there when she shows up

  • Dont be there when she's over


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