Why did my boyfriend (now ex) feel the need to look into my eyes and tell me he loves me after he cheated?

Okay, so my boyfriend was begging to see me like never before over text. Telling me he needs me, that he loves me, and I have him tortured when I go days without seeing him. He said he wants to badly see me and even payed for my cab. When I came to his place he gave me a long loving hug and looked into my eyes and told me he loves me and want me to know that and that wants to marry me. He made me soup since i was sick. We later had sex. The next day I wakw up to go take a shower, and i see him im the living room like thinking to himself in the couch. I saw hair in his shower drain and I saw a hair band on the bedroom floor. I confronted him about it and he admitted to it. He said he was tortured and stressed the day I had an argument over a blonde hair I foumd in his bedroom when I told him it was over. He said that the blonde hair was no girl he brought in, but the dark hair in the shower was because he cheated. I broke up with him. I just want to understand why he would tell me he loves me after he cheated?
More answers please


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  • I'm sure he did like you a lot, not enough to not cheat on you, but he still did like you a lot. Then when he cheated he realized it wasn't worth it. It is obvious that he isn't worth it.

    • Yes, obviously not worth it

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  • he is feeling guilty that's why... dump him asap!

    • Oh he is. Just going to take time to fully get over him.

    • take all your time and hope you get over him soon :)

  • Because he was feeling guilty and is an asshole.

  • Cause he wanted to tell you some good news after he broke your heart


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