Is my ex ignoring me on viber?

After me and my ex decided to be friends (after he cheated on me) i sent my ex viber messages back. this happened almost 2 weeks ago. He replied to me today and he told me he didn't see any notification so he only opened my viber messages today. But i have seen him come online and go offline on viber a few times the last 2 weeks (I checked it a bit, cause it bothered me allot). Today he says he hasn't been online and he hasn't opened my messages, and that i am wrong for thinking he was online and offline, cause he says he wasn't... He says a lot of things happened and his dad was apparently in the hospital. Could he be telling me the truth, or is he lying and did he actually ignore me for the last 2 weeks? because I wasn't a priority? (he has lied to me before.., I was to nice to take him back several times, cause I still cared and loved him).. I dont want to be friends if he keeps manipulating me.. what do you guys think?

Thanks for replying.


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  • sorry, but that guy was a honest and proved to you that you're not his first choice. don't blame him... you're just keep giving him an excuses to hurt.
    you should stand for yourself... not against yourself.
    cut him off... you owe yourself a lot of respect.

    • I know you are right, and I'm being stupid.. I just truly cared for him..
      Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it :)

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    • I will, thank you for taking the time to reply :)

    • *forget
      u welcome.

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  • He's your ex. You're the crazy one in this story. Not him.

    • I dont want him back as a partner after what he did to me. But i still care about him, and wanted to be there for him. He said he wanted to be there for me aswell.. so that's why i decided to be friends with him.

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