What do you think of ex bf's who purposely flirt with other girls in front of you?

mine dumped me 3 months ago without explanation. he also swore at me. then now is flirting with cashiers at our job. he also left a note in my locker to 'pick up my stuff, it's outside' his fat mother left it out on the concrete in the storm.

i felt used physically and financially. i thought he was decent but it was just a facade i'm afraid.
obviously it shows i had poor taste 3 months ago and i am glad things ended. I am with someone.

what is the point in him exhibiting jerk behaviour? it doesn't really help him. he also hit on the lesbian cashier at work, and has been giving his numbers out. sadly news flies around quick he is trying to sleep with everyone at the store.

his greatest aspiration is to draw as a career and just said his daddy will help him get a job basically. i must have been dumb. after him asking me out 5 or 6 times i said yes, and i regret it.

but i'm curious as to why he still does this type of thing at work? or in front of me? what is it suppose to do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • To destroy your life more than you can imagine,
    till you feel that you're inferior.
    He want's to show you up that he is more than you at some point,
    because someting in your relationship was making him sad,
    for example if you exceed him with something or you have better things, appereance it depends.


What Girls Said 1

  • He still has feelings for you and he's dealing with them in a very immature way that won't help anyone. He's trying to make you jealous to get a reaction from you. I would honestly ignore everything he does...


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