Texted my ex's mom that's a bad idea isn't it? Any chance it might help?

Just curious I sent a paragraph to my ex's mom trying to understand why she is acting the way she is.
Been broke up like 3 or 4 weeks, in the past she threatened to kill herself when I didn't respond. Now she won't respond to me. Her family has mental health issues and she had a brother who killed himself, I am concerned and getting pissed off
Like 9 days ago she texted me at like 12am how she misses me and whatnot. I respond she doesn't reply, I try calling on my phone goes straight to voicemail, I call again like 2 weeks later straight to voicemail, so I call on my house phone it rings 3 times and I leave a voicemail and 5 days go by no response. We were dating for 6 months and this was my 1st girlfriend and she lost her virginity to me I don't understand why she won't respond or at least acknowledge she got the voicemail.


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  • Not the best idea, if you're ex is acting a certain way it's best to just ignore her. Going No-Contact is the absolute best thing to do after breaking up with someone unless they are acting suicidal.

    • She texted me saying she missed me then ignored my text response and I called and left a voicemail , well I think I did and no response. Awhile back she threatened to kill herself when I didn't answer her and now she won't answer me and I feel like shit

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    • Sounds like quite a predicament, if you really feel like you need to you can always just go and see her if you live near. Tell her how you've been feeling and go on from there. Best of luck man.

    • She lives 1.5 hours away, I don't want to get a restraining order against me lol Thanks for your input buddy, MH so far

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  • um what kinda of relationship dose she have with her mom?

    • The are really close actually, while we dated I only texted her maybe 5 times and she rarely responded unless her daughter was over at the time

  • Ugh, bad idea. It won't help. If your exes mom pleads your case, it may push her further away. Not to mention now she will be pissed that you made personal business known to her mother :(

    • I kept it brief but yeah I know. I blocked her entire family on facebook though

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  • Her mother won't understand what goes on inside her daughters head. Believe it or not, every female operates and functions differently.

    But with every action there is a reaction AND a reason. Put the puzzle pieces together


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