Ex Ghosted Without Explanation... Now She's Back. But For What?

She suddenly goes radio silent for a week so I do my best to reconnect (I call once or twice every other day with no answer of any kind) . She dumps me without explaining why by saying I should have got the picture when she never answered. I didn't beg her, just left her to her own thoughts. 2 weeks later, she texts me asking about my trip to Cali. I answer a day later and eventually ask why she contacted me since she is asking all about how I'm doing. She said she's just saying hi. We texted nearly everyday for two weeks (I kept in minimal and in my favor, giving away nothing about what I've been up to). Eventually, to get a better read, I say we should just catch up with a coffee instead. She reacts very excitedly. I throw out a day and she says she can't do it so I tell her, "It's cool. Hmu when you have a day." She hasn't responded for a day and a half. Should I recommend another day after another few days? Or did I make the right decision immediately saying "it's fine. Hmu." and leaving it there?
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I also asked her again via textong at one point why she broke up with me (which I admit was too much to ask that soon) and she said we don't have to talk about that. I let it go because I know I won't get anywhere but I know if anything at all is going to happen between us again, she has to open up. I'm not interested in friendship by the way
Ex Ghosted Without Explanation... Now She's Back. But For What?
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