Help!!! If you still cry over not seeing your ex after 2 years after you guys broke up, can he be the one for you?


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  • I think the feeling have to be mutual, seeing as it takes 2 to make a relationship work to begin with. I agree with others here and say maybe a few therapy sessions to let you get it off your chest and get the expert advice of a councilor will greatly benefit you and maybe help you understand your feelings better.


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  • Your feelings alone for him are irrelevant if he doesn't feel the same. You both have to have strong feelings for eachother if the relationship is going to work.

  • That's not a sign of true love, that's a sign of denial and refusal to accept reality.

    I'd advise you to seek professional help if you're having that difficult a time getting over someone, instead of asking a bunch of internet yokels.

    • Whatever

    • Actually, I agree with the OP. If it's 2 years later and you're still crying over the break up, you might need to speak with a psychologist. It'll make you feel better.

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  • That sounds like obsession and refusal to move on, not that 'he's the one for you'. He doesn't feel that way so then he can't possibly be the one for you.


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