Looked on Facebook this morning?

So for some reason this morning I looked at my exes Facebook. I haven't been on her Facebook for about three months, I stopped following her when we broke up. But she was doing this guy about a month after we broke up. To me it seems like they broke up because they both changed their profile pics and the relationship stats say they are not in a relationship any more. I thought wow that didn't last long. I was going to text my friend that kinda knows her and see what she says but I figured thats not a good idea. Thoughts?


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  • ... I was going to text my friend that kinda knows her and see what she says...
    No, Not a 'Good idea,' for Who would know her better than You yourself?
    Something Inside made you Look and Lurk 'For some reason this morning' at what was happening on her Facebook. And to your own Surprise, it seems she is not Steady with Eddy, which tells me there is an Opening again, my friend. I imagine your heart skipped a beat.
    Contact her, ask how she is doing. She is available now, and with this guy who was probably just a Rebound Robert anyways, you may still have one more Chance for Romance or even if Anything... To be Friends at least.
    Good luck. xx


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  • What are you hoping to get from contacting her? I mean if you are looking to reestablish a relationship then go for it, but if not you could be sending out mixed signals

  • did she cheat?

    • Did she cheat on me? Not that i know of but I had some suspicions that it could of happened.

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    • I haven't talked to her since December. She sometimes watches my snapchat stories I have noticed.

    • well, you could always try. maybe it could work out this time.

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  • Well they clearly broke up. And it seems you haven't gotten over this girl? XD

    But nah man, she'd just turn you down and tell your ex you asked.

  • Depends on what you want. If you don't want her back, are not friends, but simply have curiosity. Then what the hell. Doesn't really matter. Go ahead.