Would you have sex for the possibility of getting back together with your ex?

If you're still in love with your ex but you're both virgins (and you personally want to stay that way) would you sleep with them for the possibility of getting back together with them even though you're not ready?


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  • Your question is ill-posed and you display enormous naivity.

    Virginity is over rated. It is something to get over with so one can enjoy life. Only about 2% of women are virgins when they get married in the US, but the average age of a virgin marriage is 19, compared to 27 for everyone else. Furthermore, the divorce rate for women who marry at 21 or younger is enormous.

    There is no such thing as "ready". If you have a condom around, are on birth control, or have counted the days on the calendar correctly, you are ready. Stop fretting and get it over with. Your first time will not be great, it may very well hurt like heck. If your guy is young too, he won't know what he is doing either. But over time, maybe after you've done it 20 or 50 times, you'll get the hang of it.

    If you are not having sex, you are not in love. If you broke up with someone, you are not in love. You have no idea what love is. You just think you do.

    Let me tell you about a culture that will shed light on your problem. Chinese Indonesians have this funny way of courtship. They expect female fiances to be virgins on their wedding night. In the meantime, the men have other girlfriends they have sex with or regularly visit prostitutes. The point of the story is, that if you have a boyfriend who isn't getting sex from you, then he is probably getting it from someone else.

    Dating is a competition. Why would a guy date a girl who refuses to have sex, when there are girls lining up who are eager to have sex?


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  • Hell no. I'm not getting screwed by someone who isn't with me and doesn't want to be with me for the long haul.


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  • what if i get a kid? no thanks.

  • In your position I would not do it to get back with my ex since I do not believe it is likely to work at all and if it does not work it will be a poor memory.

    That said, if you want then go for it. Sex is fun. But it isn't how you get back together.

  • I don't understand what exactly you mean? You didn't have sex with him before?

    • No neither of us have had sex and we never had sex when we were together. And that was my choice. I wasn't ready and I don't want to have sex before I'm married but like I have to consider it. Because I'm in love with this guy. And he may not ever get back together with me unless I give it up

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    • You can't say he wasn't my boyfriend because we never had sex. Lots of people who date don't have sex. What people decide to do when they're dating is their own personal choice. You can have a boyfriend and not have sex and not even kiss and not do anything until you're married it doesn't matter what you do as long as you know what kind of relationship it is. Who are you to say if I love him or not? Just because someone doesn't want to have sex right now doesn't mean they don't love their boyfriend. Sex is a big deal at least for some people and you can totally be in love without having sex. I love a lot of things. Animals, food, movies, family does that mean I'm going to kiss or have sex with them? No

    • " You can have a boyfriend and not have sex and not even kiss and not do anything until you're married " Go home girl , you are drunk :D

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  • No , no , no this is a terrible idea๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…


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