How long will ex girlfriend play mind games?

My ex and I broke up almost two years ago. We dated over a year and lived together for most of that year. Let's just say our breakup had to do with her getting what they call The Grass is Greener Syndrome. She was 22 and I was 28. She looked for red flags in the relationship but couldn't find them so she created her own.

We had a scrappy breakup where we fought about her taking her time to take her stuff and who was keeping our pets. The dust had been settled and we didn't talk for over a year. Every time we do was cause I had to reach out for her to grab her things months after and she took it as a ploy for me to get back together. Not my intentions. Still love her but no. I recently reached out on Facebook messenger and started asking how things were. She of course said great and we talked here and there for five straight days.

Then I told her I was busy helping my friends move and I had been talking with job recruiters and apologized for missing her birthday. Her response was "it's okay and I just moved in with my boyfriend"

I felt that was out of the blue and when I asks how that was going I never got a response. She read it cause it said she did but never responded.

Are these still malicious mind games? If so, why is she still playing?


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  • Maybe you should just move on. She seems happy if she just moved in with her boyfriend. I don't think she's at all playing mind games. It's you who wants to get back to how things were.


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  • no, just don't reach out to her. You said you still care, and her statement obviously hurt you so just walk away and don't ever contact her again


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