Seeking advice about ex-boyfriend?

Okay, so I am at home for Spring Break and my ex-bf is at our hometown as well. I have only been here for 3 days and already there is drama. I have usually started the drama but he is starting it this time.

We were together for 3 yrs. and have been broken up for 4 months. He has a girlfriend now. He went to the Walmart here in our hometown and my best friend just so happens to work there. He and my best friend were never really friends more like acquaintances. He apparently felt the need to explain to him why he broke up with me. He didn't even mention that he cheated on me. All he said was that He couldn't do it anymore. Acting like he was the victim in our relationship.

If he is so over it as he says he is, why is he doing this?


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  • He is in denial about the whole thing, making himself sound like a bigger person because of a lack of maturity.. He will grow beyond this situation and leave you in peace.. It sounds like you have distanced yourself from the situation, but that you still have a spot for him in your heart; though that spot has a "wall" protecting it, because you have realised that he isn't the man for you.

    He sounds like someone that still has some learning to do, and he will do that. But he was merely trying to improve his own self-worth in his own mind, by rationalizing why things ended, and being as that was your best friend, it may have been a last-chance opportunity for him to dig inside your mind (Mind-Games are a way to manipulate people) into you liking him again.

    Again, refer to the other questions you've asked to piece together all of the information, I don't want to sound like a broken record. Thanks :)

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Okay seriously you don't have to put the same thing on each doesn't piece together...bc why would he invest three years in a empty relationship...also I was the first chick he had ever had sex with. His ex before me he was with her for 3 years and she cheated on him. So I think that may have a little to do with it.

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    • What are you talking about with that comment? The reason I am getting a tone as you put it is because you're basically telling me that my relationship meant absolutely would you respond to someone telling you that something you care so much about means nothing

    • Then what would you call it, if the guy that you were dating (after 3 years) suddenly finds an interest in cheating on you (profusely) and then ignores you (almost completely)??

      Would you call it rash behavior? How would you justify it...?

      - Your the one asking the question, and I'm the one giving you an answer (among others).. Yet your gonna come on here with an attitude, rather than try to understand the situation?

      Get your emotions in check, good bye.

  • dont worry and you need not too. up to what I understand ,he is doing like this jes because of to show that he is good human being and trying to behave like an innocent.if he is doing with this intension he ll not get anything .he want to to know the people that he dint dump you but you did it to him like that he will get sympathy from his and ur friends and his name ll not get spoilt .like that he may get along with his new girlfriend .(in fact he tells her like dis).so forget him . at last ,if you are right one then he ll not do any harm to you .


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