Seeking advice about ex-boyfriend?

Okay, so I am at home for Spring Break and my ex-bf is at our hometown as well. I have only been here for 3 days and already there is drama. I have usually started the drama but he is starting it this time.

We were together for 3 yrs. and have been broken up for 4 months. He has a girlfriend now. He went to the Walmart here in our hometown and my best friend just so happens to work there. He and my best friend were never really friends more like acquaintances. He apparently felt the need to explain to him why he broke up with me. He didn't even mention that he cheated on me. All he said was that He couldn't do it anymore. Acting like he was the victim in our relationship.

If he is so over it as he says he is, why is he doing this?
Seeking advice about ex-boyfriend?
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