My ex taking vacation in my childhood village with my friends, ok or not?

I have this summer village in Greece where i have been going to every year since i was a baby. My whole family is there and we have just finished building a house there. Its basically my third home and i have friends there as well. Last year i invited my ex ( while we were still together ) to stay at my house and visit me in Greece with my family. I introduced him to my friends and we had a great time, he loved it. After that summer he broke up with me and we had some drama so he never speaks to me since last September. I messaged my friend today ( my ex's and I's mutual friend, he's a guy and and my ex and him got a long well) about when he is coming and if he's taking someone with ( he usually brings a friend). So he said my ex will come to Greece and stay at his house ( the mutual friend) . As soon as i heard about this i was in shock, i started getting furious and ended up crying. How can my ex do this to me? I know he won't come when im there obviously, but its rude and inconsiderate of him to still go and " party and hang "with my friends like nothings wrong. Of course i can't stop him from going there but since its kind of my holiday place ( sorry if i sound selfish) i feel its not fair on me. Should i text him and confront it to him or am i overreacting and should i chill? Im pretty hurt by this.


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  • I guess

    • I guess what?

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    • Well then yes it is rude but there isn't much you can do about it
      " Its basically my third home"
      And honestly if your family is doing well enough to have three homes, then you really shouldn't complain about this

    • thanks for your opinion, i think im not getting myself across right but oh well my ex shall win yet again after breaking my heart.

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  • Text him if you want and I know that this is pretty hurtful of him but honestly, I think that if you start a confrontation over this, he isn't gonna be in the wrong. There's no real reason why he shouldn't go there and he doesn't exactly owe you anything anymore, so he can do what he likes.

    • ok thats basically saying like i would go with his friends on holiday without him in his hometown village...

    • Yeah, and you would have every right to do so and he wouldn't really have any right to confront you about it? It's your hometown village but you don't own it, nor do you own your friends. You don't control who visits there or who your friends have contact with. He might have done something hurtful but he hasn't necessarily done something wrong and if you confront him about it, I don't think you're really going to be able to argue with him.

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