Girlfriend broke up with me after we were intimate. She claims that we're not compatible but couldn't explain why. Was it my size?

Well, my girlfriend broke up with me on Monday, and she almost started crying when I asked her if it was because of my size. She claimed that my size was fine, but that I deserved someone better than her, and I'm convinced she was lying to make herself feel better about leaving me over my size.


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    you are not the one with the problem you are perfect how you are. she was not the one for you at this point in time. let yourself feel the loss but never give up on finding love its out there waiting for you but you must be open to receiving love first

    • I'm not going to look for it anymore. If it's going to find me, it will find me.

    • +1 what becky said

    • that is also a good attitude to have :) just don't close yourself off. big hugs for you it does get better

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  • I know it's a cliché, but size isn't a deal breaker. Sometimes chick's think with a certain body part, just like guys are accused of doing. She could have realized she just wanted some booty and not a relationship.

  • Tell her to try doing some kegels for a month and see if the size is still a problem

    • We didn't have penetrative sex, but we did do oral. Either way, we're no longer together.

    • Then I wouldn't see why size would be a problem. Smaller is way more comfortable to do that with lol.

  • Dude I seriously doubt that's why she broke up with you. Sounds to me as though she were guilty of something by saying you deserve better.


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  • Were u to big for. her.

    I've had that issue before.

    • I'm below average. I'd kill to have YOUR "problem."

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    • Most women will be fine with your size. Most will not be fine with mine.

    • Just tell the next girl ur with girl your with to do some kegals and stop having a grand canyon vagina so she can feel this dick

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