Confused by him help?

I'm a little confused by his actions. A part of me thinks 2 different things. Well my ex boyfriend of a month has been talking to me ever since the bu. He is the first one to initiate contact. Now as the weeks went on we talk through the week and sometimes a few timss. I also initiate. We joke around, talk, ask what we are doing etc. I told him I hung with my friend and he was asking what we did or where we went. He was asking all these questions which seems like interest. I still love him and do want to try again. Well the 2nd week after bu I met him and we wound up having sex. I slept over not just left like people usually do. 2 or 3 weeks later he asked me to hang. We started watching tv play fought tickle fought etc and again had sex. I slept over again. It's always usually us cuddling etc. last night we talked again and he asked what I was doing later. By this time it was really late. He was at his brothers and asked if I wanted to come hang when he got home. I said sure maybe watch a movie. He got home at 12 and said he might just go to sleep instead and plus people are still awake in his house so it wouldn't look good me just walking in. One side of me says there is hope and that his texts are showing interest etc but another part of me says other. What could this be? I might talk to him next time I'm over, maybe tonight and see what's up. Explain to him that I still very much love him and hope I am not being used And if indeed This is all he wants then I don't think I can continue this because it sucks


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  • Definitely tell him how you feel, but if he doesn't want to get back together then drop him. Cause it seems to me like he's using you, unfortunately. Keep your chin up and move on to the next one haha


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