Does he want to get back together?

So my boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago. It was kind of mutual. He said he just wanted to focus on his music at the time and we both agreed that he was too depressed from not practicing his instrument and from his previous long term relationship that he had just ended before we got together. I offered to stay friends and he agreed.

He would text at least once a day, but there were a few days where we didn't text at all and he got a little hurt that I hadn't texted him. So we continued to stay in contact. At one point he called me at 2am which is something he would do when we were in a relationship. He keeps asking if we're still friends. And the other day he asked if I would go see a movie with him (which he usually goes to the movies alone), but I declined because I had already went to the movies earlier that day. But he asked if I would see a movie with him another time and I said yes.

I haven't yet hung out with him since we broke up. I don't know these feel like mixed signals to me. Any advice is welcome:)
Does he want to get back together?
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