Should I text him or leave him alone?

We've been broken up for over a year it was his choice, but he wanted to continue to be friends and I didn't but he kept contacting me throughout this whole time. But he often comes and goes in my life, and can go weeks without talking to me.

he didn't contact the entire month of May, then I get a text asking if it was me and he tried to call, so I responded, but he didn't respond for 2 days then he asked to call me and we talked for 4 hours and texted each other. He told he loves me and I mistakenly said it back, but now I haven't heard from him in 4 days and I have a feeling I won't be for a while.

Should i I text him or just leave him alone like I always do?


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  • Just because he says he loves you, don't believe it. What does his actions say?

    Don't kill yourself over him. It's best to move on and find a better guy. Sending him a text or trying to get together again probably won't work


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  • Leave him alone because he neglects you


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  • I see a Full Circle Problem Pattern here, dear, of Him... Often comes and goes in my life and can go weeks without talking to me.
    With him having been the one down this Rigid Road to have "Broken up for over a year it was his choice," it appears here, dear, that You have been this Enabler for him to get away with However he acts towards you, Accepting This with no Slip of the Lip.
    It's one thing to go a few days and whatever with no contact, but if you are still Friends to the Ends, his own Behavior is Rude and Crude and you Should... Say Something.
    He is obviously Mistaking your own kindness or Weakness, and if there is this Cozy Knit relationship when it is Convenient to be with you, then this will go on as well, i can tell, where it will always means "Friends" and Never a Chance for any Romance.
    No, give yourself one more break Today... Let him wonder why you aren't Pushing any Button to Say "Hey?"
    Yes, the "Usual," but perhaps one day this will get Boring as you sit Snoring.
    Good luck. xx

    • I agree, I won't contact him, but I used to if I didn't hear from him but now I don't even bother him. Thanks for helping me with my question 😊

    • Oh, you are most welcome, and if You have learned to not go down that road, it's better for you, only a dead end. xx

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