What do this girl really think about her ex?

So a girl I get on well with at work was telling me about her ex who also works with us. They lasted 2 year but broke up 2 months into them starting to work at the same place. Her reason for the break up was that he changed and wouldn't show her attention. They broke up 8 months ago and for the first 4 months they didn't say a word to each other at work. Now they occasionally talk at work and she gives him lift home after work when she isn't busy. She has been texting me saying she need to stop living in the past I'm guessing hinting at him, also told me she thinks she would feel better if she didn't have to see him at work and that she felt her head was messed up because of it. Saying it hard when she was ignoring him and still hard being friendly to him. She was been subtweeting him recently about how she think he doesn't care about their history. Also told me she doesn't think working and relationships work. So what does she think of him does she want to get back with him or want rid of him?
What do this girl really think about her ex?
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