Is it true the some ex boyfriends want you back when they hear you have moved on?

is it true the some ex bfs want you back when they hear you have moved on


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  • Nah it actually makes it easier for me to move on also, at least it doesn't give me a guilt trip knowing she's stuck on me, So I actually would get over her faster and easier. That's me though I don't know about other guys.

    • So here's the story. my boyfriend and I went on a break cause he wants to figure out stuff. he knows he loves me and were very close friends - so I have given him the month space that he wants - that ends in a week. btw we aren't being with other people (and I know you might say that he is, I know him very well , and he actually doesn't want to be with anyone at this point in time- hence the break) so what I was wondering is it a terrible idea to maybe writ a letter ,giv to him after the break, bad idea..

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