Getting back with ex?

last friday me and my girlfriend just broke up after 3 months because she said this LDR was too hard for her (she live in Texas and I live in MD). I know there is a lot going in her life and I can understand so I agree with the break up. She told me she still have a lot of feeling for me but just want to be friend for now. I feel really bad because we never got to spend time with each other as a couple before. I just met her at a party and then I befriend her on her Facebook. Later on she fell for me because I posted up this video of me singing and I tagged her in it. she told me that this was her first LDR and that she went out with me because I am so sweet. She also told me she was very picky of choosing her boyfriend which surprise me because she went out with me even though she never met me before. well after the break up I haven't talk to her or contacted her in anyways except for a letter I sent her before the break up. The letter was me apologize for the stupid thing I did before the break up (this can be the cause of why everything happened). I don't know if the letter arrive yet but I am wondering how she would feel if she read it. Anyways, my ex is coming to Maryland this summer and I was wondering if there is any chance of me getting back with her?


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  • i am going to say yes. maybe if you try ur hardest. and do anything she likes to do. well if I was going throu ur situation that's what I would do. or just be yourself. write her a song of her own.


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