Confused by him, good signs bad signs or what? Hoping 2nd chance in future?

Things were great before Bu. I am so confused by me and my ex's relationship right now. A part of me says things seems to be getting better and there could be a second chance and another part of me tells me no. I do still very much love him and did see us growing together. We broke up about a month ago and since then he has initiated contact with me. Sometimes a select few times I did. As the weeks grew he sometimes contacted ore than once a week. We talk randomly about like what we were doing etc. We joke around too. Like the other night I initiaed and told him something and then joked around with him. I also told him about a movje we werre both interested in was coming out he had said it was but he did not have time to see it. Not sure if this was him telling me like we couldnt. Anyway since the bu we had sex 2x. I know not good. It happened the 2nd week and then a few weeks later. Both times I slept over until the next morning when he had to get up for work. We cuddled and it never felt like we werent together. We play fought and tickle fought the last time too. This Thursday he asked to hang it was really late so told him no. Last night he asked again from when he got home from his brothers it was late again and I was going to but he got home and was a bit tired plus people were still awake so it wouldn't look good walking into his house like that. We were just going to watch a movie. Anyway like I said sometimes I feel a chance and other times I dont. I want to tell him how I still feel about him and hope for something good and if not then I dont think I can continue to keep talking or hanging because it hurts. Could there be something? I think I just need to speak up and go from there
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  • It just depends on what you make out of it.

    • What do you mean?

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    • you shouldn't, just ask and see what his answer will be

    • yeah, just hoping its something good lol

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  • Why did you two break up in the first place?

    • Well, I know he was struggling to find a job for awhile and his money was becoming low. He was getting really stressed from that and many other things that were going wrong. He closed himself off from me and our friends for about a month. I hardly saw him and he always put himself down when he wouldn't want to hang. Upon coming out from this stress he told me he wasn't feeling what he thought he should feel towards me and thought we were not connecting. I find that to be weird because we got along great, had fun when we went out and had a lot in common. He used to tell me how great I was and we talked about everything. So it kind of confused me. I think all of that stress added to his thinking and such. Like I said I do love him and can only hope for another shot. He has a temp job and then a summer job now , as well as a job coaching on weekends so things are a bit better now.

    • I honestly think the only way you can figure out how he really feels is by no contact. You don't know if he's just using you until he finds someone else or if he truly does love you. I think you should tell him that you need to stop doing what your doing because it's too hard to move on. See how he responds, but distance yourself from him. Sometimes People don't realize what they lost until it's gone.

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