My ex girlfriend blocks me on Facebook for a month. 2 months later I send her a friend request and she accepts. Do I have a chance getting her back?

She the one who broke up with me. She blocked me for a month, then unblocked me. I haven't try to contact her any other way yet. How should I approach her?


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  • Just be honest. You want to know how she's been and whats on her mind regarding your past relationship and how she feels about the ways things are now between you two. So ask her exactly that. Then you'll know how to move forward cause you'll know how she feels.

    • I agree, don't waste your time guessing what her behavior means. Just ask her. Also, consider why she broke up with you and if that issue has been resolved. If it hasn't she probably doesn't want a relationship with you now.

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    • You're welcome!
      No, just get straight to the point. So sen her something non emotional first, then ask how things are between you two. :)

    • Thank you for MHG!

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  • Just because Two people Break up doesn't mean they Can't and Don't make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an 'Ex' who still Marks an X in your own Softie Spot here dear, there might come a Time when down the Love Line... She blocked me for a month, then unblocked me.
    Send her a message through the Chat box that is provided for you. I believe with her Helpful Hint of Pushing a Button to 'Unblocked me,' she very well May be waiting for you to Make the first Move... Today.
    It's not to say that the Two of you will go Back to Being two birds of a Feather but perhaps to even stay Friends... With Whatever.
    Good luck. xx

    • *Start off slow with your flow and with the Convo, do not jump right into anything dealing with the break up, she could get cold feet and then Your own defeat.. talk about simple things like "How you been?" and who knows, she may bring up the break up first to you. xx

    • Thanks for the advice anymore will be helpful.

    • Oh, so very welcome and happy to oblige anytime. xxoo

  • Don't contact her, she didn't unblock you to get back with you or she would make a move. It's possible she thinks you've moved on and doesn't mind being friends. If she wants more than that, let her make the first move, and be careful. Sometimes you see things on fB that you don't want to see. (Like someone going on a date, etc.)

  • i wouldn't lol

  • I don't think so. I think she's just over you and doesn't care so accepted your request


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