I broke up with her now what?

Ok so I broke with my 3 month girlfriend because I don't know we just weren't able to see each other and our relationship was literally going nowhere (we say each other like every 2 or 3 weeks). This was my first time dumping someone so it was pretty hard. But she literally cried like crazy and slapped me and pretty much humiliated me in front of a crowd... and she hates me now and says she hope I die... it's not just me that thinks that that was immature right? But also I feel so bad, maybe I did it the wrong way? I don't know. And I felt like it was better to let her go now than later before it gets harder. So here are my questions

What will happen now? Do I just ignore it? Will she come back and murder me? Will she forgive me? How to dump someone better next time? How do I not feel bad about breaking her heart?

Tbh I feel so bad now and I can't get my mind off it. I liked her but I had to. And yes it hurts me too :(


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  • Well.. how did you dump her?

    • I just told her we need to talk and told her so many reasons and why it shouldn't affect her (cuz it's just been 3 month) and I did it as soft and gentle as possible and I even told her we could still be friends so yeah I don't know what I did wrong

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    • Thanks for MHO.

    • Thank you! :)

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  • It was immature.

    Its up to you on what happens next. You just let her leave, don't bother with her anymore. She'll probably come back to you to try and get you back. SHe prob. won't forgive you till she's over you. there's not really a good way of dumping someone, so saying it face to face and a real reason why is best. Also, you're sympathetic so you'll feel bad. its something that happens. you and she will be fine.

    • The thing I don't understand tho is that it's just been three months... I don't know how she could be hurt that bad :(

    • That was 3 months she was into you. Whether its 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. It's gonna hurt.

    • Yeah you're right... I guess I'm just a fuckin dick that doesn't know how to do anything right :( no friends, no parents, no nobody to lean on, good job Juan 😢🔫

  • She'll get over it. So will you.


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  • Sounds more like you humiliated her lol, she went mental in front of a crowd of people, can't live that down.

  • I know it does.
    She won't kill you. Iy was in thw moment.
    You should have done it privately.
    Anyway just let it be and move on

  • Good riddance!

    Next girl please!


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