I broke up with her now what?

Ok so I broke with my 3 month girlfriend because I don't know we just weren't able to see each other and our relationship was literally going nowhere (we say each other like every 2 or 3 weeks). This was my first time dumping someone so it was pretty hard. But she literally cried like crazy and slapped me and pretty much humiliated me in front of a crowd... and she hates me now and says she hope I die... it's not just me that thinks that that was immature right? But also I feel so bad, maybe I did it the wrong way? I don't know. And I felt like it was better to let her go now than later before it gets harder. So here are my questions

What will happen now? Do I just ignore it? Will she come back and murder me? Will she forgive me? How to dump someone better next time? How do I not feel bad about breaking her heart?

Tbh I feel so bad now and I can't get my mind off it. I liked her but I had to. And yes it hurts me too :(
I broke up with her now what?
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