Girls, What do I do?

I'm in a really bad place right now and could really use some advice..

The past few weeks my fiance of 5 years has been distant and I was hearing rumors that she was going to break up with me and move in with another girl and then two nights ago she told me that we're no longer together and I have a week to move out and she's staying with this friend until I'm gone..

When I finally got her to speak To me all she said was that apparently I've been lying to her about everything which isn't true but she seems convinced that I've been taking drugs and smoking and trying to get with other women.. She told me she still loves me once and then ever since I can barely get a sentence out of her and if I try to talk about the relationship she keeps saying things in the past tense like "what we felt was real" instead of what we feel is real or what we felt is real

But it doesn't seem like she really wants to break up but she's committed to it anyway

Other people in her life convinced her that I'm a bad person and that I'm no good for her

It's cut me pretty deep and she said she needs time but she went from saying we were going to take a break to just flat out dumping me

She also told me that it's about me needing to find myself and that she needs to find herself..

And it was partly about money because I was a full time builder and then I lost my job and I got depressed about it and I hated not being able to provide for her and if anything happened to her we're both screwed

I helped as much as I possibly could because I am still making some money but it's not a lot..

She said that she still wants me in her life and that she doesn't know but we could end up back together but she doesn't want me right now

Do you think this relationship can be saved?

I know it may be a long shot but I really need to know if there's any chance..

😢 I'd do absolutely anything to make this right


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  • I think you should move on.
    I get it that you love her. But just think , she was with you for 5 years. it's a long duration. She should have trusted you before listening to others.
    Trust is a important key of any relationship. If she can't trust you , she doesn't deserve you. She was really convinced right?
    But she should have asked you or verified this situation.
    Don't get me wrong , but i think she was just looking for a reason to break up.

    If you still want her ( even though , there is no point) , just give her space. Then talk to her and tell her that she got you all wrong.
    Best of luck !


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