Lately my ex boyfriend been contacting me a lot.

Lately my ex boyfriend been contacting me a lot. Saying that he misses me & dreams a lot bout me. we only been broken up for 3 months, and I asked him if he would ever take me back if I was single and he said yea..But he also in a relationship but not working out..He told me that if we do get back together he would brake up with her..I don't know what to do I still love him but I'm in a complicated situation..Are we both meant to be 2gether?


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  • I don't think he know's what he want's. I'm not sure he haves serious feelings for any of you girls. Or maybe he just wanted to try something else (curious) and he wasn't satisfied with the results so he is thinking now to get back to his back-up girl (you). It's only a opinion. I may be wrong about this.


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