Need some ex girlfriend help?

Me and my girlfriend of 3 years just broke up Sunday. We hadn't seen much of each other this summer with our busy schedules but the times we had were very good and sensual. I hadn't heard from her almost all weekend and when I called her Sunday night she said she was confused and her heart wasn't clear. Eventually I asked what the deal was because she was saying that she needed a few days to think but I told her to tell me what was up and then we came to a mutual agreement to break up. She had been texting this one guy from her summer class for a couple of weeks and I knew something was up and she admitted that she was only talking to him but she liked him and said that it made her want someone who was nice all the time, and he has a girlfriend and goes to school really far away. However, we were talking through things and we both agreed that we couldn't see ourselves in a happy marriage and that we had been dragging our relationship on. Logic is telling me that this breakup is a good thing for me but I still really have that emotional attachment to her and it kind of sucks because overall I feel quite good. I also feel like she's making a mistake and made a brash decision because we were just fine the week prior. I have a feeling she's going to get burned. I'm so confused because I want to tell her how I feel but I know she isn't thinking straight at this moment in time. What do I do?
Need some ex girlfriend help?
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