Girls, What is she doing?

Hey, I been wondering this for awhile. Well, we broke up awhile ago (Year ago) Well, she wanted too be friends and I didn't want too (Obvious reasons)... Well, for the past 6 months we been playing this cat and mouse game best way too describe it. Well, I just started too ignore here no texting no calling no nothing, Even when I see her at work, I just walk past her... Well, I get a random text from her and if I don't respond she call 5 minutes later. and well talk and visit... Well, I ask her if she want too get back together, She says no and am ignoring her. Well, I was doing my firefighting class and she calls me out of the blue asking me if I want too take her out too pizza, Text her sorry am in class.
Well, We get into an argument I mean a bad argument both blaming each other for whatever failed in our lives. Soo back on the ignoring her and am pretty much done with her. goes on about a month or soo. She calls me (at this point am trying too move on)... Well we hang out and I feel like were slowly getting closer, but suddenly she stops talking too me, and I decided too ignore her again...

Well, that whole trend is starting again... but it was sorter 2 weeks lol. But this time I broke the Ice and see how she was doing. Well, I been trying some changes making myself more happier, wearing nicer clothes. But for some reason she said "Oh are u trying too impress ur new girlfriend", look at her "Well, who might that be"... She looks at me and smiles..

Soo I don't know what too think, She never encourages and no she wants me too keep going with the fire department (Had a few bad calls that messed me up)

I mean is she trying too play mind games with me or is she trying too keep me close...

What do I do ladies


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  • I seems like she could just be trying to keep you on the back burner for in the future if she decides she wants to date you again. I would tell her to make up her mind

  • This is just toxic and not healthy for either of you


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