Ex is so confusing?

We broke up a month ago. It is still very real to me as I still love him and I know, but I still see a future with us weather it happens or not. Well anyway ever since the bu he's been the one to initiate the conversations for the most part. I wasn't talking to him but he initiated and then now some days i will initiate and tell him things. Silly things like about coffee, movies etc just things that he would appreciate or we did etc. We also joke around. We did have sex 2x since the bu. I know wrong move. He however is still in contact so not sure if its good. Some days however can be confusing. One day we talk a lot back and fourth maybe until he falls asleep and then the next day he won't talk to me at all or answer really late. Like 2 days ago we talked and I was joking around with him and pretending to be mean. He said I had to make it up to him and I said I was thinking how. He fell asleep and i responded the next day with an answer. He read it late at night and just reasponded with a? Not sure if he understood what I was saying or not. So some days its really good and others its meh. He also asks me to hang some nights although it is late at night, like to watch a movie or something. but I haven't in a few weeks. The times when I did go over and we did have sex I slept over both times so it wasn't like a hit it and quit it type thing either and it was loving where we cuddled and such. Im just kind of confused with his actions and I do believe there could quite possibly be a second chance but I am not pushing anything and if it happens so be it and if not at least I tried. I think next time I go over I will tell him how I still feel and see how it goes.


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  • I think y'all either need to get back together or end things bc you will never move on doing this

  • You're turning into an ex with benefits

    • Ughhh, Thats something I dont want to be. Should I express that to him if thats his intentions and just tell him how I feel that either I want another chance or thats it bceause its too hard if thats what he only wants.

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