Was ex following me around?

... she dumped me months ago and tried to friendzone me. i said "no thanks" but she then started to put sad love quotes on facebook.

months later i see her at a bar and we chat but very short and brief. i came off indifferent and smooth... she walks off fine, and then i was talking to other women. all my ex's gfs were looking straight at me, seeing who i was talking to.

my ex ends up walking by herself to the other side of the room, so i thought she was putting her self in my view so i can approach her. so i approach her and we chat, she was acting nervous and uncomfortable but she did giggle when i flirted with her. she gave me a hug and walked off.

what's up with that. was she testing me?


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  • What level are you on the moron quest adventure?
    Girl dumps you, you go and flirt with her? Lmao

    • you are obviously single for a reason. i wanted a woman's opinion to see if she is playing hard to get.

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    • look at it this way. if a girl rejects you and you show that you are hurt, than she has power over you. when she tried to freindzone me, i walked away and started dating multiple women, so i got my power back. so now i believe she is testing me to see if i was the same guy she had power over, which she does not. when i flirt with her, i showher that i'm fine with her and i'm fine without her.

    • And why would you want to 'show' her that?

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  • No. She was being s normal person who happened to run into you.

    • disagree, she was following me around. i purposuly went to the other side where she couldnt see me. and i saw her peaking at me talking to another woman.

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