Confusing ex gf?

So my ex girlfriend who I am still friendly with is asking me every week what my plans are for the weekend. I told her my plans for last weekend and she stalked my fb page all day. She liked whatever I posted. All the while she was with her boyfriend. Not sure what is going on through her head. She told me today she can talk to me about things and is more comfortable talking to me then other people. I don't think she really speaks with boyfriend like she does with me. Then last night we were joking while texting and she sent me a topless pic. Usually she sends me pics in clothes. This one was a surprise. She is not leaving him as of now.
He has never been married and has no kids. I lost it on her for something he said about her sons bday and it not being important since she sees him everyday. She never heard me like that before and calmed me down. She is with the wrong guy. Yes I do love her and she loves me. I am the only ex she still speaks with. This is just weird.


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  • She wants to get back together for sex


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  • Say to her straight up. "I want you back, leave that guy for me or lose me for ever"

    From experience when you put girls in the situation they always choose you if they want you.

    If she says no then you say ok goodbye and never speak to her again.


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