Scared of me to hurt her physically?

So My girlfriend of 9 months starting saying and complaining that I might hurt her or her family physically after I stupidly made a joke about how I am gonna come to her house and kidnap her to make her teach me play piano , I know it was a stupid joke specially in a time we were mad at each other but I only said it to cheer her up and to start a conversation to fix us , now she is afraid of me and run away when she sees me, I don't know how to calm her down or at least gain her trust back slowly , I asked her like a million time how I can prove her wrong she would answer with I don't know , every weak or two she would send me a text to remind me how much she is afraid and can't sleep because of me.

I know it was a stupid joke but I never wanted to hurt or scare her.

What should I do or say to get her back and regain her trust?

Thank you go your help :-)


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  • She's over reacting and obviously within the length of time she's known you , she hasn't gotten to know your personality at all. That would concern me.

    You should ask her why she is judging your potential based on ONE joke.. You shouldn't have to regain her trust, you did nothing wrong. If she seriously believes you'd hurt anyone based on that joke alone, then she musn't have had the trust there to start with

    If I was in your situation I'd distance myself. I'd view her as paranoid and unstable for reacting the way she has to one joke. It says more about her character than your potential. ,

    I'd also start to wonder if something bad had happened to her in her past , because her reaction to your one remark is not "normal " behaviour

    • To be honest I am not sure if something bad happened to her at her past or not but I know she has a very bad relationship with both of her parents , eating issues and she is over spoiled.

      I do distance my self but she keep coming back to complain about how I am scaring her , I know you think I should just let it go but her personality at the beginning was so bright and I am not sure what happened to darken it , I just wish it's not my fault. :-)

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Unfortunately, it sounds like she isn't going to get over it. Unless there is a history of physical violence between the two of you, it seems like she just doesn't want the relationship. (No need to confirm or deny if there was any, that is your business, not mine)

    • Maybe you are right maybe she just want to end it but Hm I believe this is the strangest way to end one.

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    • Hmm, what do you think I should do in this situation?

  • This isn't normal. Either you're glossing over some major details or she's nuts.

    • My thoughts exactly

    • She was mad at me because she thinks she is fat and wanna puke after every meal and I stoped her and I just said that joke to cheer her up a little , that's what happened that day.

    • Maybe she has underlying issues.

  • She is way overreacting. This is a red flag. Do you want someone like that


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