See that I'm moving on?

So, long story short I was on Facebook scrolling through my feed and out of no where I saw a pic of my ex in that pic. I tried to remain calm. I ended up having no heart break or mental break down or nothing I just thought " ew... It's still that short kid to be honest " and scrolled back down


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  • Lol better them than you. Be glad that person is an ex

    • I am glad. It made me into a better and stronger person 😊

    • Always does depending on how you intake things emotionally

    • That's true. I just had to keep my mind occupied and not sit around thinking of him and feeling sorry for myself.

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  • i am also in your situation, i block my ex girlfriend from Facebook, seeing them hurts again and again

    • Often I would rethink what i just saw but i do something else to push it away. I'm no longer afraid of seeing him at school since we're going to the same school this year.

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    • Same. Some times I just need someone to talk about it from time to time but that would probably bring back memories when i'm trying to erase it ha.

    • same here, i also wanted someone to talk, so that i can forget those memories, why don't you hit me PM, only if you like :-)

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  • That's great! You're done with him!

    • Except unexpected memories would be flashing back for a quick second :{

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