Laid back girls?

Where are all the laid back girls at? Girls who aren't looking for the typical guy at club or bar?


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  • if you're looking for a laid back girl, you should check out places that have relaxed settings.

    • What are some of those places?

    • Im not sure what types of places you have in your town, but I think the library is good place, bookstores, starbucks or any coffee shop, bowling alley, ice skating, the park... places that aren't terribly crowded are probably you're best bet. but don't focus too much on finding a girl when you're out because u'll most likely stress yourself out about it, and then it won't be fun for you. I hope I helped, I don't think you'll have any problems finding a girl, it will probably happen when you least expect it

    • Thanks alot.

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  • ima laid back girl...i don't go to bars to look for guys, I'm not even old enough to go in a bar yet. I will be in about three months though. but still I woudlnt go to a bar because they mostly are all old and alcoholics. If a guy is cute can make me laugh and has a good personality all around I'm into him..


What Guys Said 1

  • they're not at clubs or bars.

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