He lied about cheating to break up with me after 7 years?

were having a hard time and he lied about cheatin. To break up with me because I always told him that'll be my deal breaker now he's saying he cheated on me a lot of times and he's just laughing while he saying it and I'm sitting her crying my eyes out now he's ignoring me I don't know wtf to do !!!
He said he lied about it so I can stop bugging him when didn't even talk to him all day until the night time and all he was talking about was breaking up because we've been having problems he blamed it on me saying why would I even Belive that


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  • you don't need to spend more time with someone doesn't appreciate the value of the relationship or your value. you need to understand that spending more time in that relationship won't change anything... it will make things get worse.
    nothing will change unless you change the way you look at yourself in that relationship in a different way.

    If that person enjoy seeing you crying, do you think he will be happy to see you smile.. just for one day?

    • It's so hard he's the only person I've been with I've been wanting on it to work s bad both him and I have our issues I'm really insecure because of the way he treats me and he doesn't see that. He thinks that I'm just this way because I want to be

    • that relationship give you less than what you deserve. it doesn't matter how much you love him, what really matter is what you'll get in return.

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  • Let him leave. Either he's being completely honest about cheating, and you should end the relationship anyway, or he so desperately wants out of it that he's doing anything to end it, include put you through emotional torment. Be glad you don't waste another 7 years with him.

    • It's so hard I'm dying inside right now I feel like I can't cope

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    • It's so hard because I love him I haven't stopped crying he did it over the phone we had so many plans these couple months money put into them

    • You're trying to rationalize which is perfectly normal, but whatever his reason, he wanted put of the relationship and you have to realize that no matter how weird it may seem to you, that's the bottom-line. Don't argue, don't beg, try to give yourself space to deal with your emotions.

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  • Better living off without him. You deserve better :)

  • F him... move on. He's an ass. Doesn't deserve someone like you. If it's 7yrs and he treats you this way to break up.


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