Ex girlfriend starts to regret or accepts the situation?

Hi all !

I met a girl 8 years ago, we used to be really close friends for 5 years until we decided to be together (3 years). She is Chinese and I am German. I met her in Germany, she was there for her Master and PHD and I was finishing my Bachelor.

I went to China to get an exhange, she was realy sad about it because of the long distance but she was happy for what I was doing. She is from Beijing and I went there as well. I got a nice time and experience but when I went back to Germany, she broke it up because she couldn't continue living there (Can only speak English and Chinese). Also, she needed a working visa for that.

We saw each other 3 months after I went back to Germany, talked and decided to be together again. But at the sae time, she was going trough a lot of problems in her life and failed her exams (She then had to stay a longer time in Germany, to pass them again).

I went back to Beijing (For her) I also can get something nice there so, no problem

She broke it up again 4 months later, saying I was not her priority anymore. But she said she cares a lot about me and she wanted to remain friends. I obsiously refused. I never cheated or did anything disrespectful. I was super nice to this girl and the only thing I wanted was to make her happy.

She has been disrespectful while she had all her problems (I tried to help). And 6 months later, she wishes me a happy birthday on Facebook. Right after that, she posted "It is when you don't know what to say that you tend to lose the person". She always posted things about me and her (indirectly). But this one makes me curious. Because maybe she will have to come back here anyway. Regret or acceptance? Since she is the dumper.

The funny part of the story is that I met a guy when I had a trip in Shanghai. He has a super similar situation but never got any contact since his break up. But he moved on and he has been able to accept things how they are. I still cannot but I am working on it
Ex girlfriend starts to regret or accepts the situation?
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