Ex boyfriend with benefits?

Has anyone experienced this? If so how did it turn out? Did you get back together or just end bad? Me and my ex broke up a month ago, will be 2 months on the 22nd. I still very much love him and want a second chance and feel there could be but I don't know. Since bu he has initiated contact first. Sometimes now it's more than once a week. Other times we go a few days without talking. We joke around and he asks me questions like what I am doing or did when I went out etc. we did have sex 2x since the bu and it's not like he just contacts me and says lets have sex. When I did go over it was playful we had a tickle fight and we cuddled all night and I slept over. So it doesn't strictly seem for sex. Some nights he texts me late though and asks if I want to hang watch a movie or whatever. Like I said only saw him 2x since. I don't know if it's turning into ex with benefits or not and I surely hope not, I want us back together. I feel like there was no real reason to bu but whatever. Should I talk to him about it and see what he wants or what can happen? Like I said the texts were initiated by him and some by me now and we joke around and talk etc. it's not like he's just texting to try and get something. Help!!


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  • Sometimes it's easier to go back to someone we know/have been with before. It's comfortable, you don't have to spend time getting to know them, etc. But if you still have really strong feelings for him, you may want to find out where he stands on what's going on. Having the kind of relationship you two are having right now only works if both of you are on the same page. If he says you're not getting back together, that he wants to keep things the way they are right now, try not to think he'll change his mind if you just wait.

    • Thanks! Yeah he is really confusing. I am not trying to push him into anything any give time but at the same time want to know what's going on. Like I said he initiated contact and we have been talking a lot more the past few weeks, but this week we have not talked since Tuesday and he hasn't read my text but I wanted to wait until he texted me but just might text tonight and see. If he does indeed invite me over I will explain to him my feelings and such and go from there. For some odd reason I do believe soon or maybe down the road there could be another chance. Things just kind of ended weird when they seemed to be going so great besides what he was going through. It makes no sense to me about the bu and many of our friends both mutual or not don't believe it either. They all saw us as agr eat couple that brought out the best of each other and saw us or thought we would be together for quite some time.

  • You definitely shouldn't have sex with him again until you get back together, don't let him use you

  • If you want to get back together then you need to cut off all contact. It's not a promise you'll get him back but it's the best chance you have


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