Letting go? I didn't fight for him and I know I should have I feel like I lost the love of my life. Please help me?

I did not fight for him. So it has been two months yesterday since I walked out. I do know for a fact he is on cocaine. My friend went down to where he is living at, he knows her, he says I don't know you. She said yes you do I'm a friend of Heather's and he said ok Yeah now I remember you. Why are you here. She said a friend is worried about you and he said no one cares about me no one wants me around who's worried about me she said heather. He said I'm good he just let repeating I'm good and looking over his shoulder. Now I have lost every little bit of hope of him cleaning him self up and working things out. My question is this why did he keep repeating himself like he was having to convince himself?


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  • ... Why did he repeat himself like he was shaving to convince himself?
    Because with "Repeating himself," this is What I Keep 'Repeating' as a "Full Circle Problem Pattern" down the Path of Destruction.
    You have said so yourself here, dear, that He Has a Coke Issue. And as long as he Doesn't go for Much Needed Help for this, This is the 'Problem' you Both will be Having because it is Not a Healthy Relationship when that Said Person has an Addiction. You will be Constantly Chasing him and he will Keep 'Chasing' his own Demons. The 'Relationship' will be with The... Devil.
    You somehow become what I Call and All an "Enabler" for their 'Problem' and it goes Round and Round with No... Happy Ending in Sorry Site when they do Not use their own Might to Get Help.
    He 'Repeats' Himself because he Doesn't know what Other more Hopeful words he can Use to make any Other... Big Difference in your own Life right now.
    You can have all of the 'Bit of Hope' you want but Unless he Goes to seek a Professional, there is sadly No... Hope.
    He is trying to "Convince" only you that he is Where he Wants to be right at the Moment and he is Fine with it.
    Good luck. xx

  • Depending on how deep he is, he might have needed to convince himself of something but he might not be having the same conversation as your friend was. When it comes down to people who are hooked into a love/hate relationship with themselves and an addiction it is always difficult for the people around them. In the end HE needs to make the decision and HE needs to have the resolve to see it through. Honey regardless of the addiction it will be what motivates them, and you'll be used as a tool to enable them or drive them. You should be strong and hold your head up, in the end you held your resolve and didn't join his addiction. No matter what anyone says, I'm proud of you for being able to walk away.


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