Do you think hating your ex means you still love them?

If I see a picture of him or see something that reminds me I'm filled with anger and a little bit of sadness. But I read that if you hate or have anger towards an ex you're still harbouring feelings for them. Because you're still attaching yourself to that person even if it's negative. What I really want to know does this feeling ever go away?


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  • I personally think that if you loved him, you'll always have feelings for him. That doesn't mean you want to be with him, but you'll hold a special place for him within your heart.

    If you're angered by something you see online, then yes you still have feelings for him because it bothers YOU that he's doing something that you're not doing.

    If you're angered by a past photo, a memory of you two, then you're slowly moving on and that's a good sign!

  • Imagine somebody kills your parents. You see their picture and you're incredibly disturbed. Does that mean you love them?

    I know it's not the same, but unless you actually have positive emotions for somebody, I don't think you can call that love.

    If you are still that attached to a person, it can be a sort of a negative obsession.


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