What can I say?

I'm always talking to this guy on the phone or in text, he lives about 30 minutes away and I've been told that he's somewhat of a player... what can I say in a text that would make him be a sucker for me? or what kind of things do guys love to hear from girls?


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  • You must really like this guy or you wouldn't give him a second glance with him being a player. You need to be aware that being a player is a lifetime game. Even when they swear they will be faithful to you, sooner or later they will hunger for that ACTION. Now that I have given you a good warning, I guess I better tell you what you want to hear. The things guys like to hear from a woman on the phone or by text is a whole-lotta-tease. The more tease but still with some play, the more hot you will get him. If you know anything about cyber-sex then you are off to a good start. The better you get at cybering, the more dreamy he will become, until he eventually will drive his car off the road thinking about your fantasy. I will forewarn you also, this can become extreamly expensive on the phone to text. If you plan to play, then you better get ready to pay. Both of you need to get unlimited texting or cell to cell phone calls. In the end, it will end up horribly but you might grow mentally out of it. Best wishes.


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  • Your question should be why you want his attention? If you know he is a player, are you willing to be one of his play things? If you are OK with the player guy that he is and not trying to change him, then being honest is the best way to go. If you are hoping you keep him from playing the field, then prepare your heart for the penalty box.

    Good Luck,


  • you're an ass hole.

  • Well if he's a player then all he wants from you is sex. So if you send him a message about sex you will definitely have his attention.

    If you think you can somehow send him a message that will stop him from being a player and instead wanting a relationship with you then I think you're dreaming.

    • Looking for something I can say to him just to mess with him like he messed with me lol

      he recently broke up with a girl to "be with me" but never happens so I just want something good to text him that will make him go wild :) (ive never had sex with him)

    • Well then like I said, anything you say about sex will get his attention and drive him wild.

    • The dude doesn't care where he gets the sex from. you're not going to tame him lol

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  • You can't play a player.

    If you start sexting him, you can probably get some good laughs out of that, but it could also backfire. You could end up sucked into your own game with him and left broken-hearted. When you start ramping a player up, they tend to lay it on thick to get you into bed and next thing you know, you slept with him and he is gone.

    Or you will just start enjoying all the attention you start getting from him and miss it when he grows tired of your game.

  • You can't change a player, because players are usually so good at what they do that they don't fall for the tricks that we women play on them to get them to fall for us. I say lay wayyy back. I personally stay far away from players because it just ends in heartbreak.

  • If you know that he's a player in the first place don't fall for him cause in the you'll just end up getting hurt..

  • he's a player so more than likely he's having fun getting girls. there is really nothing you can say that would make him want you only. he is the way he is. just be yourself and don't try to use some strategy...enjoy it for what it is. if you don't mind little to no attachment then go for this guy, if you want more BEWARE!


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