Ex broke things off when it was time for him to leave the Marines?

We had up and downs in the relationship but we both new that we cared so much about each other. We were together for around 10 months and basically lived together. At the end of the relationship we were both pretty happy with each other and enjoyed each others company. However, he decided to break things off before going in. At first I was really upset but decided that him and I should stay in contact and be friends wile he's in. We are also going to write to each other and everything as well. I know he didn't like to see me hurt and said he would be willing to have something again down the line possibly when things have settled down more on his end. He still saw me before he left and I can tell it really was hard for him to let go. I just don't get why he wouldn't at least try and stay together. I mean we would barely see each other but still I felt like it would be worth it, However, he saw it not working. Would a guy breakup with someone and leave the door open for a potential future later on or was he just trying to be nice to me when breaking up agreeing to stay friends? Mind you I asked him multiple time to be strait up and honest with me because I didn't want to waist my time on him if he had no intentions. I don't think he would lie because he hasn't lied to me before but I am just frustrated. He said he would be willing for us to visit if and when we can every once in a wile but does that mean he really is leaving the door open for maybe something later on? I can't see why a guy would say they would be willing to date again in the future if they didn't mean it. It would be giving someone false hope and I can't see him wanting to prolong me hurting when he cares about me if he didn't mean what he said and still saw me before he left.
Ex broke things off when it was time for him to leave the Marines?
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