Do you think I will get another chance with the love of my life?

I have been arguing over simple things with my girl for the past month as I have had a lot of stress on my shoulders. I blew up on her last Friday. She text me this Wednesday "look, I'm truly sorry you're going through all of this, I am. No one should go through what you're going through and have been going through. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to stick around it's finally time for me to worry about myself and my happiness & with that being said, being with you is out of the question. I'm sorry if it may sound blunt but I feel like I need to be all the way honest with you. Nothing you can say can change my mind so I suggest your time to getting better because you truly need to get healthy. thank you for all the memories, it was a good run but it's over now, if you love me you'll respect that and respect my decision to be happy." But she has been tweeting & talking like she's in her feelings. We talked & she said she'll be my friend & she'll text me as friends. & she'll wait to see change. But she has not text me back & how am I supposed to show her change if she isn't with me? Is there a possibility of me getting her back? If so how? What should I do?
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I found out today she has been talking to another girl. She had me blocked on social media & now I'm unblocked & she is trying to request to follow me. She is also texting me. Her friends think she is just confused because she's never been with or talked to a girl. I think she is confused. What do you think?
Do you think I will get another chance with the love of my life?
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