I just don't understand this guy?

After 10 months (some at uni and some in summer) he went back to uni for his last year and our relationship became non-existent. I had graduated and he moved to our uni 3 hrs away.

What once made him happy, made him bored. Where he once put in effort, he stopped. He got new friends (many of which were girls) and he started partying a lot more than previously. I never stopped him from doing anything, but granted as he moved further away our relationship became way less casual and fun.

It's been a month and a half since almost completely checked out of my life. It's been 3 months since I last saw him when he was home. We talked, we kissed, but we never really set anything final. It has been almost 2 weeks when he initiated a text (which he stopped doing a month and a half ago) and just over a week since we spoke.

THEN, on Wednesday he liked a FB post from me about a mutual friend and one about some of my career success. Today i was in his area with a friend so he commented, liked and also liked a picture from last night. Still no text.

I miss him. I miss my best friend. I'm confused as to what happened, why he stopped talking so fast. I hate that i've been replaced and that our memories mean so little to him. I miss everything and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to move on. Help me put sense to all this and get the f over it please!


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  • You can ask on the internet all you want, or professionals, and you won't get the exact closure you want. In fact the closure you're looking for is from him, what he says.

    Things change, people change, it's the fact of life. You can't avoid it. In fact I don't think he changed as much as you changed. You changed and saw him differently. You saw him for the person he really is. I saw that with my best friend.

    If he's not willing to make an effort to be in your life, he's not worth it! You'll find someone better. You both may have gone through a lot, a lot of good memories, and he may have helped you through some tough times. But if he's pushing you out let him, don't try and force him to bring you back. He's lost interest and well, I think he's taking the route of not officially breaking up with you but slowly moving out of your life. If anything, I think it hurts less in my opinion.

    Go out and meet new people. I'm not saying new guys. I'm saying new friends. A strong group of friends will help you move on. They'll show you the world.

    You'll get through it, but if he's put you through this, never ever, I mean no matter how tempting it is, let him put you through this any more. Not even if he starts to give you attention again, because it's probably because he wants a back up. Who wants to be a back up.

    Best of luck, and feel better :)


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