Should I wait for him?

Me and my now ex boyfriend been dating for two months a little while I know but our connection was strong we got along well and I was alwaha there for him. He has a bad home life that consumes him even more now and as much as I tried to be there he was still distant with me which I talked to him about, while discussing this he said he needed time to figure things out with his family and so on. He said he wanted to be with me but can't right now his words "it isn't goodbye forever" he said he needs time I asked him if he wanted me to wait he said yes but if I dont want to he understands. He said he doesn't want to lose me he wants to keep talking as friends (talking on the phone, texting etc.) I feel extremely hurt by this what should I do?


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  • I wouldn't wait for him honestly. I mean, no need to burn the bridge entirely but you don't want to get strung along.

  • Are we talking home life with parents or with wife and family, also how old is this guy?

    • Home life as in mother sister and brother he's a half brother so he gets treated pretty shitty he struggles a lot with it

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    • Do you feel he would have me waiting that long? He said he still wants us to talk as friends still he kept going on and on about how he will miss me

    • Depends how long, long is.
      Regardless I would still keep in regular contact with him.

  • Just be there. Be patient. Be there when he's ready.


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