We had a bad break up and he started talking to another girl in 2 days?

Me and my ex had been dating for a year and a half and he broke up with me because a few months ago he broke up with me too and after that break up I moved on in the first day to cope with my feelings. He was my first relationship and I didn't know how to control my emotions so I tried to distract myself with another guy, two in total in the course of 3 weeks. I know that was wrong but at the time I didn't know he was going to come back, he seemed so cold like he had no emotions for me or place in his heart. Well the day he came back was 3 weeks later and I was shocked and angry, I told him everything that happened and he didn't care he said he still loves me. Well after we moved in together for about 4 months and one of the guy still drives by here and there and he sees him a few times. He moved out and was crying and told my sister it was too hard to stay because he doesn't think he can get over it , he said it hurt him too much. But now when I try to speak to him he's so mean, he tells me things like " no, move on in a day like you did last time" or " no you got over me once , you can go do it again". He left it so bad and today's the 3rd day we've been broken up and he's already talking to another girl. I'm willing to get through this because I know he's still angry and hurt but do you guys think this time he is really serious. He is basically doing the same thing I told him I did the first break up.
Hell come back he just needs to get it out of his system
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He doesn't want you anymore
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We had a bad break up and he started talking to another girl in 2 days?
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