How to get over my ex girlfriend?

i broke up with my girlfriend on the 19th of march its been 4 days but I was with her for 2 months and she was my first serious girlfriend and I really miss her I feel like I wanna cry all the time and I'm not the type of person to really cry over anything but this is hitting me harder then anything has ever hit me before in my life and she was a real jerk to me a lot but I just really cared about her any tips on how to get over her


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  • Hey mate, I actually wrote this a number of years ago. Hope this helps.


    Rules for Breaking Up (Also known as how to get over someone)

    1. Cut all forms of communication. This includes getting rid of phone number and email addresses. Additionally delete any recieved and sent emails, sms's and call records to ensure there is no way of getting their number. This ensures that you don't contact them when you are drunk/lonley then regret it immediately afterwards cause you look desperate and it didn't achieve anything. This is the hardest and most important step to do, helpful to cancel all immediately.

    2. Stop going to places where you know they hang out. Seeing them again will reinvoke feelings.

    3. Do not idolise the relationship. It wasn't perfect, no rels are. Sure there were good times but think about those times when you genuinely didn't like that person, what they did or how they made you feel. Those situations will return if you were to get back together (as you won't).

    4. Do things that you couldn't do with your partner. Whether this means getting wasted, spending more time with friends or finishing that book you've been meaning to finish you have now been given this opportunity as a result of them not being there anymore.

    5. Spend time with friends. Re-learn that they're always going to be there for you and that's what counts, not a temporary partner.

    6. Get a rebound. This is optional, but physically being with someone, after being ready to and mostly getting over your partner, helps assure yourself that lots of people find you attractive and there's going to be plenty more in the future. I usually wait 3-4 weeks for this, as before then I don't feel like having sex with anyone except my previous partner.


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